Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Adventures in Gestating

25.5 weeks

I have started to wonder if people are treating me differently as a med student because of my expanding abdomen. Being new to clerkship, I don't know what it is like to be on these rotations without a fetus brewing, so I really can't really judge. But I think it is coming up in more ways than I expected.

In some ways I am think I am pretty fortunate. The nurses seem to be nicer to me. And, while I am in pediatrics, I seem to have a pretty easy time getting a history from some of the mom's. There is that "you're a mom, you know where I am coming from" feeling of sorority. Especially the new moms that are freaked out and worried about their kid but also freaked out and worried that they are freaked out and worried about nothing and wasting your time and you are going to think they are neurotic fools. Or maybe I am projecting a bit.

But there is also the other side. I am not sure if I am getting all the work or opportunities that I might if I wasn't lugging around an extra 30lbs. Are people "going easy on me" at the expense of my education and reducing my chances to make a good impression? To compensate I have become much more of a brown nosing pain in the ass than I would normally be inclined. You know the type - following around the resident and the attending like a bad stench and jumping on any possible case.

I was pretty happy to get out of my teaching half-day early today. Maybe I am back to my old self. :)

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Carla said...

You're looking pretty good! How are you feeling?