Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Just a few words.

The focus of my life for the past couple of weeks has pretty much narrowed to studying, so I have not had anything interesting to say recently. With three days left until finishing my tests and starting holidays I certainly don't have anything more interesting to say now (I have spent the past three hours in the anatomy lab, poking through pro-sections while listening to the Stephen Lewis Massey Lectures and it has left me in a strange sort of mood) but I thought I would at least let the faceless masses know I am still here. So I face another day of trying to cram my head with knowledge; armed with TIm Horton's coffee and hope that in some small way I might be able to make the world suck just a tiny bit less, if only I can pass this next set of exams.

But right now I think it is time for a nap.