Saturday, June 16, 2012

My nonadvice advice on maternity leave planning - and really anything else.

When I was pregnant with my son (forever ago in medical school) many people had advice for me; particularly regarding when I took off work and how long to take off. At first I listened to everyone. I had never had a kid before so what did I know.

And then I started reading mommy/doctor mommy blogs. At first it seemed like a horrible idea that was going to drive me crazy. There are stories of everything from doctors who had persisted, completing surgeries as they went into labour, to babies born early after a complicated pregnancy. I would feel like disaster was upon me and then that I was a wimp if I couldn't be a work horse until I was at 39 weeks.

Finally I realized that you can't have fixed expectations or rules about what your pregnancy is going to be. And you especially can't compare your experience to others, because every pregnancy is different. Just about everyone has advice, usually based on their experience, almost always given with the best of intentions. My only advice is to listen to people's point of view as it was intended and then decide for yourself. Your particular health/work/childcare/family/financial situation and a hundred other variables play into how you handle future planning. Even if you have never had a kid before, you are the expert of your life and no one can give you better advice than your gut can.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Pain in the...

I get migraines. I know it is a very common condition and seems to be even more common in this continental city with its high altitude and dramatic weather shifts. They used to be horrible, occurring every couple of weeks accompanied by vomiting and committing me to at least 10hour of incapacity.

After stopping birth control they went away completely for awhile but came back slowly over time (I suspect 24hr call shifts may have had something to do with that). Despite this I have never been too disabled by them because I can almost always abort them with ibuprofen; 600mg gel caps (no skimping) at the beginning of the aura and nausea is the secret.

Recently, however, I am plagued by a new beast. I have had a headache everyday for more than 3 weeks. It crept up on my slowly, bred from all the usual suspects: lack of sleep, lack of exercise, too much stress, bad posture. Now it has grown to inhabit what feels like a permanent home at the back of my head and is eating my energy. Between the regular burnout and the grinding constant pain, I have very little focus, patience, sympathy, empathy left - not a good combination of deficits for a physician.

Now that it has settled in, it seems to have built a fortress around itself. Ibuprofen, or anything else in my armament, doesn't touch it. Time to start another long day.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Reality is so boring

Sometime in my extensive hiatus, blogger added stats to my page. I don't think it is very good for my ego. Most of my page views were for a particular post that had a bunch of comments in Chinese. I suspect they were not about medicine or motherhood. I will never know what they said (I am not curious enough to learn Mandarin or even try to run them through a translator) but I would guess they were a little off colour, because many of my page links were from xxxtacy(dot)com. Though even more were from a Chinese furniture sight. Weird.

So to run up my views for purely reasons of personal ego, here is a list of things trending on twitter:
Stephen Jackson
Captain Jack
Django Unchained
Tony Parker
Carrie Underwood

Unless Marty refers to the zebra in the Madagascar movies, I have no idea what any of these things mean.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Un Memoir

I have a terrible memory. It is even worse for personal details. If I were asked to write a memoir it would be about 25 pages long and consist of 2-3 page stories that were completely disconnected and followed no particular theme. I think I realized this from a very early age and, as a result, I have kept journals on and off for good chunks of my earlier life.

However, a poor memory, for someone as socially inept as I tend to be, is a protective mechanism. I have come to realize that time can particularly heal all wounds for me, or at least I forget about them completely before they even stop bleeding. It is actually pretty reassuring that some moment of red faced humiliation will be blunted and dull in about a week, and completely obliterated in a couple of months. So I have long since given up recording my life and have thrown away any previous evidence.

The down side to this is reliving this episodes as friends tell them back to you. I have been in more conversations than I can count (literally, I have no idea how many) where a friend tells me "I tell everyone that story about how you ___. It is hilarious." If it is recent enough a spark of recognition will be lighted and I feel my embarrassment afresh. Sometimes I have no idea what they are talking about and I try to switch the conversation to a different topic.

I have no idea what this will mean for me in my declining years. Hopefully it continues to be life's disappointments and humiliations that continue to drain slowly and reliably out of my head, leaving only choice memories. If not, at least those are the ones that are documented in pictures and videos.

That reminds me. It is about time that I backed up my hard drive.