Thursday, June 26, 2008


Here are some of the comments I have gotten over the past few days:

- Boy, you're getting big
- Are you sure your not having twins?
- I thought you said you were due in September
- I didn't realize you were getting so big in profile
- It looks like you are about ready to burst
- Your bigger than all the other pregnant women (They were in the hospital for their prenatal class and I had a hard time convincing the cafeteria lady that I was working there, even though I was wearing an ID badge)

But my favorite came today:

- Are you sure you are going to make it through tonight?

12 more weeks to go.


Carla said...

People, strangers in particular, seem to think that comments related to your size when one is pregnant are not rude or offensive. Maybe they don't bother you but they sure did me. (I was the recipient of very similar remarks) I felt that other people assumed since there was a reason for my size I wasn't sensitive about it! I'm sure you look great (haven't seen you in person unfortunately), after all, you are supposed to have a round girth!

Dragonfly said...

Gotta love those unsolicited opinions.

med neophyte said...

The comments don't bother me too much. Except that a bunch of them are coming from other medical types and some are accompanied by a vaguely worried look. Like they are picturing me cut open in the operating room.