Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Final course
As a second year student (in a three year program) I am in my final course before starting clerkship. Yay!

About 4 more weeks of lecture and small group, and then another few weeks of integrative (a vague, small group, problem based entity) and we will be thrust into pretending to be competent almost-physicians full time.

On another note, I have become unnaturally interested in the American presidential race. I guess I can partially justify all the time I spend checking polls, primary results and pundits overstated opinions with the whole what-happens-in-the-giant-empire-affects-the-mouse argument, or that I am a victim of trends in mass media. That all maybe true, but I tend to view the whole thing as entertainment. The soap opera story lines are riveting, I get the updates in easy to manage 2-3 minute increments and the characters are way more outrageous than anything on Canadian tv or writerless network shows. Or maybe I am just giddy that Bush will eventually, finally be replaced.