Thursday, June 29, 2006

Now that I have finished my Masters (except for the corrections, which I have promised myself I will finish by the end of the week) I have gone back to seriously considering what the heck I am doing in medical school. Aside from the fear and dismay that they would actually let me into medical school when I am obviously underskilled and underprepared, what am I going to make of all of it anyway? My specialty shortlist is: neurology, psychiatry, family, emergency and pathology. A little bit of a mixed bag. I am torn between what I might be good at, what might be the most interesting and what might be the most useful to society. I know I have some time to decide but I should have a good idea soon so that I can line up good experience for matching. Maybe, like a friend of mine suggested, I am experiencing a stress withdrawal and am just substituting worrying about the future in the absence of anything substantial to stress about. I need a vacation.

On another note, I went to Wilco  last night. It was the first night of their Canadian tour and you could say 'it totally rocked!' Lots of energy, good sound, a really good feel from the band and in the crowd. Everything you could ask for in a show.

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