Wednesday, June 14, 2006

This is what our society is based on?
My husband an I spent a couple fo hours helping his parents pack up in anticipation of their move to a smaller home. They are leaving the split level, 4 bedroom that they have been in for the past 28 years to move to a one bedroom 'cabin on the lake'. This would be a big undertaking at the best of times, but the combination of my mother-in-law being a bit of a pack-rat and my father-in-law being the eternal boy Scout (always ready for anything) this is a move like none I have been a part of. Though, this could be more of a refection of my limited moving experience than the scope of the actual event. I was first in charge of cleaning out the lower bathroom. There was no less than 5 nail clippers and 2 nail scissors, 3 night lights, 2 toilet bowl cleaners. I was thinking this outrageous. How does someone accumulate all this stuff? And I started ruminating on the evils of consumerism in our age, encouraging people to buy more than they could every really require. When I got home, however, I remembered the two toilet bowl brushes under my own toilet. I can't even remember why we would have two. The only explanation would be that my in-laws are sneaking things into our house when we are gone. Or we had one that was perfectly good and then bought another that 'goes better' with the shower curtain. Of course the cat scratched up that shower curtain. Nothing matches now.

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