Thursday, July 13, 2006

I was hoping to keep the frequency of this blog to every few days, twice a week at least. I have obviously not kept up to this, but I was on vacation. A good excuse if you ask me. I went on a roadtrip to the West Coast for a little more than a week, after finishing my corrections and turning in my thesis. There are still a couple of papers hanging over my head, but I am determined to get those out of the way before orientation starts the first week of August. Between that and the stuff I want to sort out here at home I will be busy for the next couple of weeks.

I am also thinking that I should start looking into doing some extra anatomy ond other studying in some of my weak areas, which is all of them. I am not really sure where to start but my artist husband does have the anatomy and physiology colouring books. Probably as good as any. Given that my understanding is at a kindergarten level a colouring book is probably appropriate. Besides, it gives me a reason to get new pencil crayons. New crayons and markers were always my favourite back-to-school supplies.

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