Thursday, February 26, 2009

Decision Making

Today was the day that our rank lists were due. I had arrived at a list I was fairly confident in about a week ago. Yesterday I started having doubts but, after gazing at it, I made only minor changes and went to bed happy.

This morning I had more doubts. Basically I have been deciding between two specialties. One that is more narrow and I have less experience in. The experience I did have was some of my favorite parts of clerkship but it is hard to know how representative those three weeks were. The other is more broad and I have done enough time to know that I would be happy there.

Then there is location. All the programs I interviewed at are reasonable so it comes down to where we want to live.

The deadline is passed and now I just have to wait and live with the result. I know that I would be happy in any of the programs and either specialty. So why I am stressed now? I have always been happy with the gut decisions I have made in the past and I have no reason to think this will be different. I think what is bothering me is the uncertainty. Once it is over, whatever the result is, I will be happier. Just a week and a half before this theory is tested.

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Dragonfly said...

Good luck. Man I wish they had a match day here. Instead we have to apply separately to every state and wait for 1st round, 2nd round and 3rd round offers. So some people get multiple offers 1st round and some get none. And of course noone wants to be left out in the cold so unless very sure or very settled in one place, apply to several states/territories. I had flatmates last year who got 1st round offers for 3 states, while others had none. Sigh.