Sunday, February 24, 2008

No Big News
It is not that there is nothing significant going on, there is lots, but I am not ready to talk about any of the important things things happening in my life. So I will post about blather instead.

My husband went away on a business course this week. I used to think that I was a capable independent woman. I can handle stuff. You stick me in a clinic I have never been in before and put a patient in front of me I can do (in most cases) a decent interview and physical exam, even have a good idea of what might be going on. In a week I am going away to a city I barely know, to a hospital I have never been in to do my first clerkship elective and I will handle it. I am the queen of handling it. At least that is what I thought.

I don't think I take my husband for granted. I thank him all the time for all the stuff he does around the house and tell him how much I appreciate when he listens to me rant about school or traffic or politics.

But he has been away for two days and I am already struggling under no longer being part of a couple. Maybe I am not suppose to say this as someone who thinks of themselves as a feminist, but I really depend on my hubby. After all, does anyone really enjoy doing their own laundry. Now I have to wash the dishes myself after making dinner, and there is no one but me to feed the crying cats at 6 in the morning (don't they realize it is Sunday and I was out till one last night). Division of duties is not just an efficient way to set up an automobile factory, it makes my life a lot easier.

I sure hope he deals better when I am away on electives. I can't actually remember the last time he cooked. I just hope he doesn't starve to death, or give himself liver failure from too much space cheese at Tubby Dog.

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Carla said...

It really is quite something how we learn to depend on our men. Trevor truely is my "other half". Then you add a kid to the picture and being single is but a distant memory. It's all good though.