Friday, June 22, 2007

I am now a week into my vacation/medical elective in Asia. It has been a whirl wind up to now. I have started to settle in the Guesthouse that I will be staying at for the next month in Nepal, but I don't think the whirl wind is about to stop anytime soon.

So far my husband and I landed in Bangkok for the vacation part of my time. We went to the grand palace and a couple Wats, got Thai massages (I think this was my husband's favorite part), took a train (and bus and long boat) to Railay beach in Krabi, enjoyed some sun, explored some caves, and flew back to Bankok. We then parted ways and I flew to Nepal.

I am not sure how to describe Nepal so far. I landed at the airport and, after a bit of confusion about my name, found the driver to the guest house. The drive to the guest house was more than chaotic. There seem to be no rules, which seems to be a bit like Nepal in general. Everyone is really nice and seems to be getting where they are going, but with no apparent order. the guide book is not wrong when they say things (sights, sounds, smells) are a bit overwhelming at first.

But my room at the guesthouse is great. Surrounded by trees with a roof top patio and a school on one side. Fairly quiet except for the kids playing during the day and a wedding brass band that played last evening. I am starting to find my way around and really starting to enjoy it here (all 24hrs that I have been here so far). I am going to go exploring a little today and find my way to Patan Hospital where I start my elective tomorrow. All the best.

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