Saturday, February 10, 2007

I don't expect every opening band to be worth the price of admission but I also don't think that they should be punishment for coming unfashionably on time. My advice to you, if Matt Allen (I believe he is from Lethbridge) is the opening act come late and stand at the back if you have to. Your sore feet are small price to pay for saving yourself the pain of having to listen to his set.

Ooops, that sounds bitter and judgemental.
I am sure he is a perfectly nice person if you take his guitar away from him.


CharleyBrowne said...

Ouch, that's harsh. But this guy with the guitar and no talent probably deserved it.

Since I am also feeling bitter, let me just say why non-meds ask you about specialties. They ask you if you know what you want to be so that they can list off all the reasons why that specialty is bad. This makes them feel like they put you a little down (towards their level, i guess), and it also makes them feel better about the fact that they dont even have a choice, seeing as how they were REJECTED! So the best answer is "I don't know yet".

Now, I feel better. :)

med neophyte said...

I can understand the bitterness (it seems to be the season for it) but I don't think that your scenerio applies. Most of the people I have been talking to all have high paying jobs, fancy cars, houses and big screen tvs and no ambition for medicine. It is either the only question they can think of, or they want to get on a waiting list to be my patient. I tell them I want to be a psychiatrist and would be happy to help them. :)