Tuesday, October 31, 2006

With 6 hours in I am enjoying derm lectures considerable more than I expected. I guess my claim that I am a visual learner might actually be true. Definately gross; I have been scratching my head constantly since yesterday afternoon. It could also be that the faculty has recruited more entertaining lecturers, at least for the first few lectures, because they realize that the vast majority of us are not clammoring to learn derm. Regardless of the reason, so far so good.

I am not sure if this honeymoon period will last. There is much less small group or interactive learning in this course compared to the last. I can see that being a problem for me. Hint - I am writing this in lecture right now. Even with a tonne of pictures I don't think that I can maintain attention sitting still for hours on end without even getting up to walk to another room. Apparently they are blaming 8 hour lecture days once or twice a week on our Christmas vacation. I feel like I am back in the corporate world, where people don't take vacations because they know that they are going to have to make up every moment of time they take off. I think it is time to skip out and get a coffee.

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