Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Long time coming

A lot has happened since I last posted. Not surprising since it has been such a long time.

I am now two days away from being done medical school.

I anticipated that these past 8 weeks (my make-up time for the "maternity leave" I took in the fall) would feel long, and they certainly haven't disappointed in that regard. I had my obstetrics and gynecology rotation first. It had been shortened from 6 weeks to 4 for the new class (or which I am temporarily a member). Unfortunately the director had been quite disappointed that the rotation had been shortened and wanted to make sure that we had as much experience in the 4 weeks that clerks had previously spread over the 6. This made for a particularly grueling rotation with lots of long hours and no time for studying. Bad enough if all you are trying to study for is the rotation test but even more frustrating for me trying to study for my licensing exam. At least they were kind enough to let me take the day off to write the test. (I still don't know my results, the dread of which still haunts me.)

I am not usually a huge complainer. I (at least in my own conception of myself) usually just go about getting done what needs to be done and don't whine. But there was a point in April while all of my classmates were sleeping in, sitting on their asses studying and complaining on facebook about being bored and I was doing crazy busy call, taking care of Harold whenever I was home and trying to sneak the odd cramming in that I was about ready to start my own pirate radio station just to bitch. "You think you're tired !?! Let me tell you"

Well I got through that. Then the next rotation was cardiology, busy but no call and I was usually home at a reasonable hour. But then there was graduation. I had fun at the graduation dinner but the whole thing was a bit depressing. Everyone was referring to themselves as "Dr". Aside from just finishing another day of my medical student rotation, I was reminded in a bunch of ways that I was not really a member of the group. No gown or hat for me. I didn't get fancy graduation pen with my name on it. My actual convocation will be small, with people I don't know - I might not even bother to go if I have to take time off of work.

Right now I am on an elective in my chosen field. It is kind of nice to get a bit of a relaxed intro to residency. I am still a medical student with no real responsibility but I am getting to know people in the program better and sort some of the paperwork and details out. The only problem is that I am completely burnt out and just counting the days and hours until vacation. I would like to be all keen and engaged but I can barely focus during a conversation. Not the best impression to start with.

In other news, Harold is doing really well. But that update will wait for another post.

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