Sunday, April 06, 2008

Homeward bound - one more week
(This will have to be a short one because I am running out of battery.)

One week down, one more to go. If it sounds like I am in count down mode that is not a coincidence. After 5 weeks from home I am ready to sleep in my own bed, cook on my own stove (I never realized how much I hate electric), see my cats, walk my neighborhood, go to my favorite restaurants... well you get the idea.

This elective has been fun. The great thing about emergency is that it is always busy and things pass quickly. But between the new place, living in a dorm, and doing shift work I am starting to feel disconnected from my regular life. Some people like the quote that goes something like "you should do something new everyday". I am tired of doing new things. All I do is new things. I want to return to some routine. I need to refind myself in all the familiar comfortable things that I surround myself with at home. Not the least of which being my husband.

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