Thursday, October 25, 2007

The arrival of Halloween (and Christmas)

I started noticing this week that I am waking up, stepping on the train, walking into the medical faculty, leaving the faculty and coming home, all in near or complete darkness. I am a child of my environment, and this annual inevitability always gets me down. To counter my drop in sunlight induced serotonin I have increased my caffeine intake and returned to yoga. The sum of these factors leaves me tired, jittery and stiff this morning.

Yoga was at our new and shiny fitness facility at the health centre last night. As I left through the large atrium that connects the old and new buildings, I noticed a fluttering, flying animal swooping through the atrium. Sparrows are pretty common self-imposed indoor aviators, but this was larger and creepier. It was a rather angry bat. I thought it was fitting for the season.

This morning I woke again feeling like I had just returned from a trans-oceanic flight and should be asleep for another three hours. After dragging myself through the regular morning routine and checking the temperature (1 degree Celsius; not bad) I stepped outside. Everything was covered in crusty white snow. Merry winter!


Tall Medstudent said...

I'm told that 1000 iu of vitamin D is the cure for what ails you. I may try this out myself.

The dark mornings have been getting to me as well for the past few weeks... I blame the Americans and the new daylight savings schedule they have imposed on us! :(

med neophyte said...

Stupid George Bush. It turns out that my extra long night was spent on-call in rural emergency for Med440. An extra hour of night is only a good thing if you are sleeping. Good thing it wasn't too busy Saturday night because Sunday was crazy.